The Corona virus madness as a photographer & videographer

Holding a $12 000 setup in waist level water without a housing is probably not recommended

So, as a full time photographer and videographer working in the advertising, online, social media and commercial spheres: where am I at when it comes to the Corona virus and the red light it’s placed on the world’s movements? In all honesty, with what’s been happening lately – it’s been a little tough to adjust. I’ll be the first person to admit that I underestimated the toll and damage that this would cause.

In the past 3-4 days I’ve lost 4 jobs with a 5th giving me crickets! From now on, I’ll just say they’ve been postponed, but due to the nature of this industry: until you’ve got that deposit some jobs just fade away.

What does this mean for me? And the freelance world.

On a work level, this represents a significant chunk of my earnings and I know for a fact, that the freelance world is feeling it too (along with the rest of the world). So I know that the government is not going to support me during this time, and I am forced to do what I have done since I first launched my business: figure it out.

It is never a good thing to only rely on one revenue stream and this has been spoken about extensively by anyone who knows or understands wealth. Now is about as good a time as any to look at different ways of making money online and harnessing certain skills and key points of business that might have been ignored in the past.

I know for me, websites, SEO, sales, blogs etc etc are completely aliennnnn. So now feels like the perfect time to reset and get a bit wiser on this area! I want to look at this challenge as an opportunity to reset. So it begins now.

My work/my happiness.

After losing jobs and cancelling a trip to New Zealand for my birthday, I’ve decided it’s time for a perspective shift. I have my heath, my closest and my brain. The most important thing I’ve realised is my happiness does not need to be attached to my work. I love what I do, sure, but it shouldn’t dictate my sense of self worth. As the age old saying goes: “Happiness comes from within.”

So while the environment resets itself, I am going to look at this as an opportunity to bloom and come back better than ever.

A list of things I’m doing that were neglected pre Corona. Work + personal!

Sell off old camera gear

I have a legit silly amount of camera gear that’s sitting there gathering dust. I bought it, it served its purpose, and now it needs to go to a new home to be loved and cared for once more.

Finish + launch this damn website

It’s no secret that Instagram has been doing my head in for a while. It blocks a lot of people from actually seeing what I do, and I don’t want to keep the algorithm happy by just posting raunchy stuff like I used to a few years ago. Here I’m the master, and if someone wants to see the content, they can. No Algo, No worries. Plus it’s a great way to boost SEO and get some new clients sorted on their visual journeys.

Start planning a passion project

As I’ve moved more heavily into filming and working on projects that really get my heart humming, I’ve understood the necessity in pre production and planning. To pull off any idea, especially on your own/with a small team, you need time and some patience. I’ll be working on ideas whenever they pop into the brain. Some notable creatives I’ll be hoping to work with over the coming months:
– Capucine Merlant
– Aria Lord
– Isabelle Cornish
– Alan Woodman
– Jackson O’brien
– Elly Sharp
– Tamika Fawcett
– Elyse Lauthier
– Ivy Mullins
Among others.

Prints + store

Chelsea, shot on BW film. A potential print.

For a long time, people have asked about getting some of my work up in their homes. While i’ve done it for a few select individuals I want to make this accessible to anyone and everyone as well as give people an opportunity to own something unique. Watch this space, I’m meeting with the print store man next week. If there are any prints you’ve seen that you’d like to see in print – Feel free to drop me a line HERE or on [email protected] and I’ll hook you up with something special at a special price.

Reach out to creatives and friends

Timmyvcreative, Jackson Obrien Media and Zach Rogers – 3 good friends of mine and absolute weapons on the lens.

I think it’s really important during testing times like these to check in with the creative world and make sure that everyone is doing okay. Some will feel it more than others and sometimes a simple chat can ease anxiety and also offer up an idea for someone.

A home theatre system

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with movies/cinema. So I’ll be setting up a home theatre system in my studio to enjoy them in style.

Put media/pitch packs together for clients

This won’t last forever, and while I can and it’s not busy, I want to be ready for the wave of digital content that businesses and brands I’m sure will be needing. The opportunity to have crisp, story driven content in an easy format with price points to suit all budgets. Models, locations and creative sorted.

New blog posts

You know when you write yourself a list of tasks/goals to get done for the day and you always include 1 or 2 super easy ones on there to boost you up as you tick them off? Yep, this is one of those. Patting myself on the back.


This is a huge one. I know for myself, up until recently, I was working some silly hours about 6 days a week on average. The worst part was that the whole time I was hammering myself, over critiquing everything and also looking at the wrong avenues for career/self fulfilment. The two are separate, so for the next little while. I’ll have some set work hours, balanced by a complete routine shift. I might start earlier, or later, or not at all. I’ll head solo into nature, appreciate the finer thing. And most importantly: I’ll look after my mind, my body and my work as separate entities. Good books, surfing,amazing films, phone chats, less social media, some editing, stretching and a re connection/alignment with the earth and the shit that really matters. We’re all going to die one day, and to me, that doesn’t sound bleak. It’s the honest truth and gives us all something I think is extremely important: perspective.

Thankyou for taking this in. I hope this has helped in some small way. These are testing times, but never underestimate your ability as a human being to adapt. Get it done.

Til next time.

Clash x